Thorough investigations wished at Tema Manhean

 Thorough investigations wished at Tema Manhean

Reports of weird deaths occurring at Tema Manhean have despatched fear and panic among citizens of the area and, indeed, a phase of Ghanaians. The remaining matter, the useless toll had reached nine, and the scenario turns into more worried while regarded in opposition to the backdrop that the deaths took place within a space of 10 days.

The apprehension of a number of people may be favored whilst considered in opposition to the latest outbreaks of diseases which includes Ebola, specifically within the West African sub-location. The prevalence of the Ebola disease that claimed loads of lives in neighboring nations turned into perhaps the length in Ghana’s records while consciousness of handwashing and sanitizing as a means of preventing sicknesses were given to its top. However, it appears the fitness attention that was evoked within human beings at the time has died down.

 Common to humans, and mainly in spiritual and conventional societies, a conventional priest has attributed the purpose of deaths at Tema Manhean to a curse on the community, for which cause he has advised the citizens to carry out non secular baths within the sea to cleanse themselves.  Reviews say a number of the citizens are doing just that.

The daily graphic is alarming about this development, now not due to the fact human beings need to now not exercise their right to guide their ideals but as an alternative because such pronouncements have a high tendency to thwart efforts at containing any outbreak of sickness within the affected vicinity. We are, but, satisfied that the Tema Traditional Council has dissociated itself from the declaration with the aid of the conventional priest and we suppose it is a completely essential step in the strive through the health authorities to research and set up the cause of death.

However even as we commend the conventional authority, we've our reservation that the conventional council might also leap the gun and ascribe the reason for deaths to factors that include prolonged infection, shock, and drunkenness. Just like the traditional council, we inspire all to hold calm as the Ghana health carrier conducts its investigations. It's miles best after the investigations that the actual reasons for deaths may be hooked up for the necessary interventions to be instituted to save you any additional deaths.

We remember that on the onset of the Ebola disease in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, it took almost 3 months, in some of these international locations, for health officers and their worldwide partners to perceive the virus as the causal agent, by means of which era the virus had to emerge as firmly ensconced. We additionally remember that earlier than the Ebola ailment was given to epidemic proportions, some scattered cases had already been detected however now not been investigated or formally said.

The outbreak smoldered for weeks, subsequently multiplying, with transmission spilling into wider areas than may be contained. It's miles with this experience in our minds that we call on the Ministry of Health and the Ghana health provider to take a cue and work assiduously to get to the bottom of the motive of deaths.

 In the meantime, we particularly commend the fitness authorities for the timely manner in which they've answered the problem. With our fairly weak health gadgets, we should no longer go away with something too dangerous to be overwhelmed by using occasions. We know it's far extra difficult to deal with unusual and surprising illnesses.

We do also comprehend the extent of social and monetary upheaval that has observed the outbreak of illnesses around the arena, especially how swiftly they might move once they reach the city and densely populated regions. This need to be our guide as we are looking for to resolve the situations of the deaths at Tema Manhean. 

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