The time for peace is right here

 The time for peace is right here 

 Peace and security are critical for human survival, as peaceful and relaxed surroundings influence all factors of financial and social development in a country. In a whole lot of instances when people communicate of peace, the first predisposition is actually to stop the ailment, but that act in itself does no longer get to the foundation reasons of the violence.

It could silence the guns, however, this could be a brief achievement, with robust undercurrents expecting the opportune time to explode and with some interested few taking gain of the calamity to satisfy their parochial pastimes. From the bloodless battle era thru to conflicts in Rwanda and Liberia, the realization that warfare can not cope with the grievances of feuding parties has caused intervention techniques or strategies which are designed to prevent the beginning or resumption of violent warfare by growing sustainable peace.

Ghana might not have skilled a number of the large-scale extended conflicts that have unfortunately engulfed other international locations in West Africa and the rest of the arena and drawn their progress lower back, however, it has experienced its very own remoted but bloody and at times extended conflicts in diverse parts of the united states.

These conflicts have been the result of land possession and chieftaincy disputes, among others. One such war that has affected the country and in particular the humans of Dagbon is the skirmish between the Andani and the Abudu Royal gates of the Dagbon traditional place. The many years-antique disturbance turned heightened whilst Ya Na Yakubu Andani misplaced his life in 2002. On account of that then, many attempts had been made to settle the misunderstanding between the two gates, who were descendants of an equal ancestor.

The Daily Graphic is gratified that once decades of protracted war, the route is apparent for a method that will lead to the enskinment of a new Ya Na for the location. We doff our hats in particular to the two gates for allowing peace a risk. We additionally laud the efforts of the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, and the Committee of Eminent Chiefs for their untiring efforts over the years to get to this stage.

The Daily Graphic also appreciates the paintings of past and present governments that have culminated inside the cutting-edge level of the peacebuilding system. However, we need to suggest that this is the first important step in ensuring lasting peace in the Dagbon region. In view of this, we plead with the 2 Royal Gates to do everything possible to make sure that the modern avenue map works for the benefit of this generation and others to return.

 We recognize this could succeed and whilst it does the current generation that ensured the lasting peace will have their names forged in gold inside the annals of Dagbon. We companion ourselves with the guarantee given with the aid of the Asantehene and urge the eminent chiefs to continuously engage all stakeholders till a brand new Ya Na is mounted to carry a finality to the matter.

We additionally implore the government, the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, the Peace Council, and all peace-loving citizens, specifically those from Dagbon, to offer all the essential help to be able to make the present-day arrangement bear for the advantage of all. There's nothing this is comparable to peace; allow us to all embody it for increased socioeconomic improvement in our societies and the country is preferred.

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