Kayayei threat ought to be tackled comprehensively

 Kayayei threat ought to be tackled comprehensively

News that 15,000 Kayayei (girl porters) are to advantage of abilities schooling is, certainly, coronary heart-warming, now not only for those engaged in the commercial enterprise but also for the bigger society. Through the years, young women and women have moved in droves especially from the northern part of the country to the south.

 The frenzy and pull elements have covered the lack of activity opportunities, education, the market for their produce, and social facilities together with exact roads, power, pipe-borne water, and commonly proper infrastructure. The ladies who arrive within the towns face many daunting demanding situations that encompass rape and defilement, street, exploitation by each of the people they work for, and people who serve as intermediaries or marketers to locate jobs for these prone girls.

Many of these girls and girls have ended up as prostitutes due to the fact that can be the only process commencing available to keep frame and soul together. A number of social troubles have arisen out of those occasions. It's miles, consequently, simply proper and appropriate that governments have, through the years, installed area regulations and programs to make sure that those Kayayei have decent dwellings.

Abilities training has been organized and is still being pursued and we applaud the government for this intervention. However, the daily picture has some issues. For years a lot of such programs were organized however we continue to be grappling with the Kayayei menace. Have we, as a country, observed the ones who have been educated to evaluate the impact of schooling on their lives?

A while ago folks that had been given comparable education had been endorsed to abandon their deplorable situations in the city centers and relocate again to their hometowns for installation. However searching at the ages and the sheer quantity of Kayayei in Accra alone, we can no longer be amazed if those who have been beneficiaries of the skills training deserted their stores and other establishments to relocate again to Accra and different cities.

We say this because, within the rural areas, it's miles tough to get shoppers for the offerings supplied. At times too consumers fail to pay for services rendered. We agree that capabilities training and different interventions to have interaction with our teeming woman adolescents are the way to move and we suggest beneficiaries take the education critically, as they can not have interaction in Kayayei for relaxation in their lives.

But, we cause that capabilities training alone, and even providing begin for those young women, will no longer be enough. The government needs to seriously look at previous education programs to install region a comprehensive program so that it will ensure that the nation benefits from what's being invested in those ladies. The authorities must additionally locate extra modern techniques to empower rural communities in other forms of earnings-producing activities which include putting graduates of those training programs in cooperatives and making sure that they have got a geared-up market for their handiwork.

 We recollect the Kayayei difficulty as a blot on the sense of right and wrong in the country especially if one seems at where and how they stay inside the streets with their young children and babies. One needs to visit places including the crucial commercial enterprise District and the Circle Station at Darkuman in Accra to come back to terms with the reality of their suffering. Any initiative with a purpose to assist address the hassle ought to, consequently, be supported by using all.

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