Christmas ought to carry peace, eliminate injustice

 Christmas ought to carry peace, eliminate injustice

When the angel appeared before the shepherds that night time, Bible accounts say there was a divine presence that positioned worry in the shepherds. However the angel confident them of proper tidings of exceptional pleasure that will be to everybody because there was born to the sector a Saviour who is Christ the Lord. The narrative keeps that all of a sudden there has been with the angel a mess of God’s military, asserting the dignity of God inside the maximum of heavens and on the earth had come as peace living among guys. Certainly, other than Bible money owed, historical records indicate that the lifestyles of Jesus on this planet a bit over two thousand years ago depicted a person of redemption who gave pleasure and peace to humans.

He healed the sick, dined with outcasts, raised the lifeless, fed the hungry, and sympathized with the oppressed. He exhibited humility and fought against injustice however vehemently criticized the social order that had discriminated in opposition to the common people. It isn't always for nothing, therefore, that inside a rather quick length of 3 years of his ministry on this planet, Jesus Christ of Nazareth touched people far extra than any persona in records. The daily graphic is not amazing, consequently, non secular leaders need to ask Ghanaians, at the event of Christmas that marks the start of Christ, to expose like to the less-privileged and percentage some of their resources with them.

The daily graphic pals itself with that call and provides that the nonviolent nature of Christ be exhibited among all during the Xmas. We are satisfied that it's miles approximately this time that the road map to peace in Dagbon is being rolled out.  We see this now not as a mere accident however a divine plan to remind us all that there is no alternative to peaceful coexistence.

Our prayer is that all natives of Dagbon will play their element to make certain that lasting peace returns to the area. We also use the event of Christmas to enchantment to all other areas which have a wallet of war to mirror the Christmas message of peace and settle their disagreements to ensure the extended development of their communities.

The country’s leaders ought to also be guided with the aid of the life of Christ and desist from selfishness that leads some of them to suitable for themselves what belongs to the whole country. In this vein, our law enforcement businesses need to eliminate discrimination and make certain that everybody is handled similarly before the law.

The tendency for some elements within the law enforcement bodies to favor people who've fallen foul of the regulation inside the call of “order from above” needs to be a thing of the past as we celebrate this Christmas. The everyday picture is also very worried that the message of Christ has turned out to be so diluted by way of some charlatans and egocentric those who take gain of the lack of information and vulnerability of innocent people to prey on them.  Many are going through psychological and bodily trauma because of the activities of these “latter-day prophets”.

We think it is about time the country engage in concert with the Christian Council of Ghana, the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference, the Prophets, and non-secular Council, and different recognizable religious bodies cracked the whip at the quacks amongst them. It's miles simplest via that act that we can lead the fight against injustice and exploitation of the bad, as proven by using Jesus Christ, whom we profess to observe.

Publicizing government activities - Ministers, and MMDCEs must supplement President’s efforts

The conversation is a critical feature of the presidency because it helps build wide support and legitimacy for programs, gives an explanation for government stewardship, and provides mechanisms to maintain authorities accountable. It additionally lets the authorities decide the desires of human beings and reply to them. True democracy can't be detached from freedom of the press, as the media function as an extra check on the energy of the government.

 In fact, political conversation dates back to the philosophers and pupils of politics in historical Greece and Rome who used the subject to form and influence public notions and policy. In modern instances, although the proper free and unbiased press has created tension for leaders the world over, the good and visionary ones are not perturbed by the aid of such demanding situations and maintain to apply the media to steer the public and form political messages.

In Ghana, succeeding Presidents, participants of Parliament, and an awesome number of our political heads at the local authorities stage have communicated at once with the public, frequently making use of social media, new media, and generation.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has continued along that course and additionally is based on conventional outlets together with press meetings to percentage regulations of the authorities and answer questions from the media. The daily photograph notes that despite the importance of such an exercise, the leadership of many nations lacks a subculture of session and participation that has alienated their citizenry from participation in governance.

For that reason, we applaud our diverse Presidents of the Fourth Republic for making themselves available to humans via their constant interplay with the governed. We are aware that because of time constraints at some point of such press interactions, together with the day past, it is not each question or subject that can be addressed.

We, therefore, entreat political office holders, mainly ministers and metropolitan, municipal, and district leader executives (MMDCEs) to preserve to have interaction the human beings through the media and provide an explanation for the authorities' policies and programs that impact their lives. Many a time, media practitioners have had challenges getting records that border on the welfare of human beings.

 At times simple clarification of a matter that affects human beings has taken ministers an outstanding deal of time to offer. A great deal because the everyday photograph does not aid the dissemination of information that is not balanced and truthful, we will say that some media outlets have been forced to carry news as they have got it due to the fact officialdom has been hesitant to pop out with the information.

We for this reason entreat people who have been entrusted with public office to take a cue from the habitual press meetings by our President and offer information on problems, as all of us are searching for to construct an open and loose society where anyone might be proud to stay. We aren't oblivious to the numerous strides the government is making to restore the united states of America’s economy and raise infrastructure.

The railway and the rural sectors, revenue era, digitizing Ghana, and the use of era to enhance development are however among the achievements the government has chalked up in less than years in the workplace. However, lots of these achievements continue to be unknown to the citizenry. Our wish is that ministers and MMDCEs will take the initiative and publicize traits of their regions and make themselves to be had to the media to tell their ingredients of the extent of improvement in their jurisdictions.

It's miles best when the ruled are updated frequently about trends that have an effect on them so that they may admire the effect of democratic governance on their lives. Mr President, we encourage you to hold this technique with the view to deepening the democratic culture we've selected to construct and consequently assist beautify our socio-economic lives. 

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