Agya Koo Nimo praises Nana Kwame Ampadu

Agya Koo Nimo praises Nana Kwame Ampadu 

 Among the many (local and international) who continue to pay homage to the late Nana Kwame Ampadu, Ampadu has been described as one of the world's last great talents. There is the legendary Agya Koo Nimo. His generation joined his ancestors.  The "Owuo Tone Ade To Bi" hitmaker, who understands the phenomenon of death, says  Nana Ampadu has joined her ancestors, but his tongue never fades. 

 Encounter in London: Although unknown to many, Nana Ampaduaga met Kunimo in London in the early 1960s. Cunimo was a  chemistry student in the Imperial College laboratory, fixing his strings to a guitar and tuning them part-time. jobs. Briefly, it marks the beginning of an intimate friendship after them, and  Nana Ampadu served as his secretary when Koo Nimo ran MUSIGA as union president for ten years. Both later served as members of the National Folklore Council from 1991 to 1998. 
 Preservation of folklore.

 Aspects of Ghanaian Folklore that Nana Ampadu proved his worth was verbal expressions such as folk tales and musical expressions made up of folk songs and animal characters. 
 Agya Koo Nimo, a recipient of the UNESCO Living Human Treasure Award, described Nana Ampadu, in these words: “He gave practical meaning to Ghanaian folklore, researched on them and brought them into Highlife music in the form of narration of folk stories such as Aku Sika, Kofi Nkrabea, Ebi Te Yie and many others that end on pieces of advice.” 

 Koo Nimo concluded that his lyrics were suave, proverbial, or parabolic, sometimes had hidden political messages, and that it no wonder he combined music and politics well, having been once an active member of the National Democratic Congress and later the New Patriotic Party. 
Guitar Player: Nana Ampadu was a powerhouse when it comes to guitar-based Highlife music and the history of Ghanaian popular music cannot be written without his name in golden letters. For instance, how he creatively did the first strums of the lead guitar for his `Agatha` song and punctuated the intro verse producing a pleasant masterpiece that moves the laziest feet to dance. 
 Koo Nimo said Nana Ampadu performed his song Obi Ba Mane in Odonson's singing style and introduced the electric guitar whereas he and the late Dr K. Gyasi used an acoustic guitar. 

The master narrator has shown the chronological order of all Ashanti kings of the past. 
 When he speaks of the past achievements of King Ashanti in his song, it is the source of his ancestral worship and the awakening of the spirit of the royal oyster clan of the Ashanti Kingdom. As a guitarist, he made guitar playing an integral part of fascinating, high-life music, and as a charismatic stage performer, his outfits reflected his proud African roots. 

 Creativity and Originality: Nana Ampadu was creative and original, and never disguised the high life of his branded guitar with foreign rhythms. He is constantly creating new things, and his ultimate goal was to bring about a danceable and innovative rhythm. He was at the forefront of highlife music in modern cities when he incorporated Afro-Hiri into Ghana's pop music, a major index of authentic Ghanaian highlife in the '70s, 80s, and '90s. It was one of them. Having maintained the standard for decades and producing high-quality, high-life music unique to Ghana, he became famous nationwide to win the title of "Nnwomtofo Hene".

 Was natural. Nana's lyrical content touches on the themes of social life that do not lose the respect of fans, especially humanity represented by animals, love, death, inheritance,  and work, and is a folk tale embedded in proofs and fairy tales. It contained wisdom and morality. 
 Nana Ampadu had exceptional composition skills, excellent arrangements, and a unique and fascinating rhythm. Ku Nimo said Acwan Tiffi Woo and Oman Bo Adwo are his favorites. 
Singing Skills: He had excellent singing skills with photo memory. He didn't slip the lyrics when he was on stage for hours, focusing on a more natural voice than a computerized lip-sync. Thus, thousands of Ghanaians enjoyed his singing style, and his wonderful voice perfectly conveyed his lyrics, making him a great musician in every town and village in Ghana. 
Ampadu's Legacy: The important role played by Nana Kwame Ampadu must not have been in vain. He brought the connection between folklore and popular music and paid the membership fee. Therefore, foundations and laboratories need to study his work for preservation and preservation as a national treasure. He left an intangible cultural heritage in areas such as fairy tales, folk wisdom, proofs, musical rhythms, traditional knowledge, traditional cultural expressions, and moral philosophy.

Up your recreation - occasion organizers informed 

 Event organizers had been advised to `up their recreation` in the event that they need to boom patronage in their functions. The recommendation is coming at the return of a blame recreation among occasion organizers and artists with approximately low patronage at activities. While a few have blamed artists for now no longer doing sufficient to sell activities they're billed for, others have been known as out occasion organizers for now no longer doing their homework. 

 Graphic Showbiz spoke to a few occasion organizers which include George Quaye of Image Bureau who these days organized the Samini Xperience live performance at the issue. According to him, occasion organizers are usually to be blamed for negative patronage of activities because “they fail to inform the artistes who function on their indicates what they assume from them.”  “Some occasion organizers suppose the artistes must sell the activities they invoice them on primarily based totally on the connection they have got with them. I suggest they need them to do such matters on a natural friendship basis. It`s imagined to be a part of the agreement you signal with the artists. 

 “The artists are imagined to avail themselves for interviews and sell the occasion via their social media accounts. They ought to additionally do films and photoshoots etc. and these kinds of are imagined to be spelled out withinside the contracts. “This isn't imagined to be a phrase of mouth from the occasion organizers to the artists to sell the occasion; nation it withinside the agreement. Event organizers must prevent pleading with artists to sell their activities for them for free,” he stated. 
 George Quaye defined that it became by no means the fault of artists if there has been low patronage of activities as different elements including venue and time contributed to the fulfillment of programs. 

 “You see the venue and the time also are elements. Someone may say her or he isn't attending an occasion at a selected venue due to its malfunctioning air conditioners, etc. So all of it comes right all the way down to targeting; you want to discover while purchasers could be to be had and the right venue for such persons,” he stated. Another occasion organizer, Nabil Alhassan, who has organized activities including Easter Comedy Show, Rapperholic and Bhim Concert stated a failed occasion became usually at the doorstep of the organizer. 

 “Organising an occasion does now no longer come that easily, particularly in case you need that large crowd so an occasion organizer has to do quite a few paintings via way of means of reserving the venue on time, do quite a few exposures after which have interaction the artistes billed to carry out to additionally do their element via way of means of selling the occasion, which must all be spelled out withinside the agreement. 

 “If you cross for an artiste who will now no longer sell your occasion, you then definitely must realize what you're entering into for. You take such artists on in the event that they fail to sell the occasion for humans to wait after paying them so properly”, he stated. For his element, artiste manager/activities organizer Kwesi Ernest, who has additionally organized activities including Bliss On The Hills, and S.P Sarpong In Concert, amongst others, stated it became now no longer absolutely the fault of occasion organizers.

 He stated: “Two humans are beneficiaries here; the artists who've taken the cash to carry out want the platform to show off their skills so the onus is on them to additionally sell the occasion. After all, if humans don`t attend the show, the artiste will carry out to drain seats. 
 "And the extra humans speak approximately how properly you probably did on a selected occasion, the extra gigs you may get to carry out. More so, the artists extend their fan base in the event that they carried out properly on an extraordinarily patronized occasion. 

 “The occasion organizer has to additionally do his element via way of means of selling the occasion properly after paying a lot to the artists and for the venue. It is a win-win state of affairs for the 2 parties. There is not anything incorrect with artists selling the occasion and telling their fanatics to wait for the occasion,” he added. Reacting to the issue, Dancehall artiste Stonebwoy stated occasion organizers must be blamed for the negative patronage of activities. 

 “The artiste, for God`s sake, isn't a promoter. He or she is a performer, now no longer a promoter. Promoting and advertising and marketing are very separate elements of the occasion. Posting on social media structures can't be mentioned absolutely as promoting however endorsement guarantees purchasers that it`s genuine. That`s wherein it ends and that`s how a long way the artiste can cross,” he added. 

 To Highlife artiste Kofi Kinaata, an occasion organizer is aware of the fee of the artists and the way famous they're to drag purchasers to the occasion “So on the cease of the day if humans nonetheless do now no longer flip up, why must the artiste be blamed?” he questioned. 

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