26,954 Teaching staff pass promotion exams - GES

A complete of 26, 954 teaching body of workers who took component inside the advertising exam saved in dec 2021 arrived a hit.

The teachers, symbolizing 67. 5 for each cent pass, became out of a total of 39, 918 candidates who sat for the examination to be promoted to varied teaching grades within the Ghana Education  Service (GES). The candidates are looking for to be promoted to the rank of Deputy Administrators, Assistant Administrators I, Assistant Director II, and Predominant Superintendent. The check for those in search of promoting to the ranks of predominant superintendent, assistant director i and ii protected know-how of the ministry and the ges, faculty/classroom management, theories of studying, assessing and evaluation, present day troubles in education, in addition to modern-day and well known knowledge.

Those the use of for the position of deputy director, further to the above, be tested in training administration and control. A announcement signed and launched by way of the deputy director-preferred in price of control offerings, anthony boateng, said out of the three, 538 applicants who took the check for the rack of deputy director, 2, 330, representing sixty five.Eight  in keeping with cent had been a hit, at the same time as 7, 785 representing seventy one according to cent away of the 10, 950 in search of for the rank of an assistant film director i, have been a hit.

It stated for the rank of an Assistant  Director II, 14, 541 candidates, representing 65. 8 % of the 22,101  who sat for the examination handed. For the rank of primary superintendent, the assertion stated out of the 3, 329 candidates shortlisted, 2, 298, representing 69 in line with cent, have been a success. In line with the declaration, the consequences of people who exceeded the exam will be applied on www.Gespromotions.Gov.Gh for a rate of gh¢10 beginning from Wednesday, April 27 from 6 p. M. It stated legitimate promotion letters could be launched in due route.

In feb 2020, the ges revised the advertising method for it personnel. The abilities take a look at for employees advertising replaced the hitherto face to face interview periods that turned into full of more than one difficulties. Throwing mild onto it, the director-wellknown of the ges professor kwasi opoku-amankwa explained that the ges revised the promoting procedures with the aim to improve efficiency and effectiveness. He stated till the introduction of the promotion take a look at, every three hundred and sixty five days, the ges acquired nearly 1000 petitions on promotions, all levelled in opposition to “our staff in the district, nearby and country wide headquarters, in addition to activity interview panels across the state. ”

Prof. Opoku-Amankwa defined that the petitions included allegations of victimisation and problem, explaining that other than the issues, the manner changed into tiresome and pricey.

1992 Constitution really demands overview – Agyeman-Auah

Professor baffour agyeman-duah, a former united international locations senior professional , has stated the real 1992 charter related to ghana really have to undergo amendments. He  stated the women and men cannot be extraordinarily pleased of the composition in its existing form. “we should evaluate the composition. I don’t recall we will be extraordinarily thrilled of the whole lot we currently have performed through the years, ” he said inside the first take 3fm friday september 29. “there may be nothing attractive with the nearby degree in an effort to assist make generally the politics appealing for the reason that the whole thing is positioned with the country wide tiers, ” he protected.

He had in advance indicated the reality that constitution does no longer meet the desires of ghanaians. During his view, that concentrates democracy on the top collectively with not with the grassroot degree. His critiques come after director nana addo dankwa akufo-addo says within the occasion required, the charter have to be corrected to satisfy commonly the desires of present day-day and future moments. Mr akufo-addo constructed this comment at some stage in the address in the 30th birthday of the 1992 charter on Wed April 28.

“The constitution is a few sort of residing record and so whenever times require, we have to be properly organized to make generally the essential amendments so that you can effect the needs of present day-day together with future instances, ” he said. Mr. Akufo-Addo in addition explained that there happen to be folks that discover to reduce brief the democracy related to ghana via handing over coups. He defined such oldsters both do no longer esteem the ghanaian males and females or fear that they'll be rejected in a election subsequently wanting to recognize for overthrow involving an elected government.

Mr Akufo-addo advised all Ghanaian's with the intention to reject such oldsters. “several tries to be able to take ghana during the course of multiparty democracy became struck with stiff level of resistance and cynical respond. “they will instead have authoritarian tip foisted within the people claiming ghana was to begin with underdeveloped and that we necessary to get factors finished in a few form of hurry. “they marketed that democracy was initially bulky and clearly will partition ghanaians along along tribal lines. On the other hand, the phrase was to start with extensive and unanimous to have a few sort of decade-long ban in birthday celebration political sporting activities imposed in eighty one lifted along side the give back to multiparty democracy hooked up. The ghanaian men and women desired a full time income circumstance of liberty excessive was esteem for seperate freedom, ” he explained.

He delivered “without a doubt because they haven't any recognize for normally the Ghanaian men and women, that they're either reluctant to subject their selves to the start scrutiny of usually the ghanaian women and men or perhaps due to the fact they recognize of which that they is going to be rejected by way of actually the ghanaian humans.“as a consequence looking for some form of quick cut on the way to office in electric powered energy. Let’s withstand this sort of oldsters for every of our not unusual appropriate. ” sharing his perspectives at the president’s submissions, professor agyemang-duah said on usually the news 360 in Tv3 Thursday September 28 that ” in my modest onion [the Constitution] might now not meet the demands of the persons. “for a composition to fulfill up with the same old desires at the ladies and men that charter will need to be visible at some point of motion at commonly the grassroots degree. Democracy is fine exactly as it emerges from usually the bottom for the predominant. What we currently have nowadays, is some form of democracy that can be actually a most suitable alongside democrayc. ”

Defend charter against saboteurs - President rallies citizens

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has rallied the citizenry to restore their trust in the usa’s democratic manner and diligently guard the 1992 constitution from the dangers of saboteurs. The unique warning, he defined, become premised on the truth that “there are a few, who, for own parochial and self-targeted pursuits, would love to look a go back to the darkish times of authoritarian precept, in reality because, without recognize for the ghanaian human beings, these are either unwilling to problem themselves or their vision to the open review of the ghanaian human beings”.

President akufo-addo made the call in a nationwide broadcast the day prior to this to mark 3 years of the referendum that permitted the 1992 constitution, main to the unique birthday of the following republic. “thirty years in the past today, on twenty eighth april, 1992, we, ghanaians, got one of the most critical alternatives of our history. We proceeded to visit the paperwork to determine, in a referendum, the size of the future governance of our own country – whether to retain to live underneath armed carrier rule or stay under democratic precept, ” the leader stated.

He determined that the time main to that day had visible area pattern all sorts of governance acknowledged to guy before selecting the modern-day democratic gadget of governance. Collectively with the tremendous paintings that resulted within the beginning of the 1992 charter, which had brought about your fourth republic touring the best length within the us of a’s exact governance, it turned into incumbent on ghanaians to do anything to defend the metabolism, he said. Chief akufo-addo said a few state wreckers searched for a shortcut to energy due to the fact they knew they might be rejected through ghanaians in democratic elections.

“Allow each person give a boost to our handle to face up to such people for our personal common proper, ” he noted. The eventual countrywide defence authorities (pndc) create the countrywide consultative set up in may 1991 to put together a draft charter for the. On apr 28, 1992, ghanaians attended the paperwork in a referendum, with the aid of which 3, 408ps, 119 ghanaians the very quality “sure”, representing ninety . Fifty nine consistent with dollar of the boule solid, to come back back the location to democratic principle. Those who the very fine “no” were 272, 855, representing numerous. 41 consistent with dollar.

The 1992 metabolism was promulgated with enormous famous assistance, and january several, 1993, jerry david rawlings became sworn into workplace as the first chief of your next republic. President Akufo-Addo noted that because the promulgation of the metabolism, the had skilled the longest, non-stop quantity of stable, constitutional governance, “banishing the spectre of lack of balance that had dysphemistic quite a few our country’s early life, and the massive advantages are showing”. He indicated that in the final 3 many years, the u . S . Had discovered sustained increase in every side of country wide existence, with enormous development on your development catalog (hdi), adding: “actually placed, democracy has been correct for us. ”

She or he said under the current democratic principle, the usa were given also loved identical rights of possibility and recognize for character rights and the rule of law. “we have were given 5 presidents inside the records of the fourth republic, with peaceful exchanges of electricity from a governing to an opposition collecting on 3 independent activities. Even if there may be war of words with the quit result of an election, it become the ideal the courtroom, on  occasions, as opposed to the streets, that authenticated its end result. We all are, arguably, the maximum strong democracy in west the african continent, ” the leader said.

Recounting how, due to the fact independence, the had experimented with all types of governance — from multi-birthday celebration to a one-party nation to about five coups and an tried “so-called union authorities” — the president stated the ones experiments destabilized the feel of self-confidence and development of the ghanaian. That, he said, changed into evidenced by using the truth that components of the hdi — existence expectancy costs, get admission to to education and studying and per household income indicators — at that point have been not commensurate with the us of a’s widespread viable. Notwithstanding all the achievements chalked up below the fourth republic, she or he said, the united states nonetheless faced the largest project of removing poverty.

She or he indicated that other challenges have been in the performance of the General Public Services, traditional and cutting-edge threats to nationwide security and sociable balance inside the shape of chieftaincy conflicts, land variations, ethnic conflicts and cyber security troubles. Others, he said, have been kids joblessness, economic hardships and corruption in open public life, including that during latest years, the U. S . Had witnessed sizeable problems inside the management of the national economy.

The precise demanding situations, the leader defined, have been especially because of the effect of the covid-19 pandemic on a worldwide average economic system, exacerbated via the results of the russian invasion of ukraine. “but the primary dedication to resolve these issues, in the creation of due manner and democratic establishments, should continue to be unshaken. And i used to be assured that, god-inclined, we're going to overcome these demanding situations, ” she or he said. Chief akufo-addo noted that the important barrier to bringing governance to the doorstep of the humans revolved across the implications of article fifty five(3) of the metabolism, which currently banned political parties from involvement in region assembly elections and nearby government.

She or he cited the try his federal government made in 2019 to repeal that provision to allow for the involvement of political celebrations in local federal authorities, which had to be aborted due to the lack of a vast country wide fashionable opinion while the resistance ndc signalled the incapability to again the repeal.He or she indicated his preparedness to take an additional shot at it to both repeal or alter the entrenched clause of the constitution and also appeal to huge-spread assist to make it ideal and wholesome for the body politic.


“I've stated it earlier than, and i truely will do it again: i can preserve to gain an in depth, national consensus in this trouble, and simply have to one of these consensus be attained for the repeal of content material 55(3) of the constitution and an settlement reached for political parties to take part in and sponsor candidates for election to region assemblies at any point during my last tenure of workplace as leader of the republic, the situation will be reduce again again to the front side burner of our public discourse for the desired action. “i'm hoping that once completing the necessary consultations, i'm going to, quickly, be in a position to announce a way ahead on this crucial be counted, ” he said.


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